Posted on Dec 10, 2019

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The Powdered Donut Defense is Alive! (Part 1)

The “Powdered Donut Defense” has existed in legend and trial lawyer lore for decades.

Although I certainly don't claim to have invented the term, I do claim to have actually used the defense in court to earn a "Not Guilty" jury verdict for my client.

I had a client one time on trial for possession of cocaine. We went to trial because we had nothing to lose.

My client had been to prison three times and had just gotten out.

The offer for a guilty plea was around 20 years.

My client was arrested in the street right in front of his parents’ house, shirtless, agitated and causing a disturbance.

He was obviously highly intoxicated or high on something.

After the police responded and arrested my client, the police were given consent and searched the upstairs attic bedroom of his parents’ house, where my client had been staying.

The police found crack pipes and crack rocks.

Not to mention the visible white powder all over my client’s face at the time of his arrest.

Please remember: My job as a defense attorney, and my primary goal as a lawyer, is to provide the most aggressive defense for my clients that I possibly can and get their case dismissed or obtain a Not Guilty jury verdict if I possibly can.

(Continued in Part 2)
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