Posted on Nov 26, 2019

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The Killer Behind Me

I represent a young client in a large Texas city who was arrested with 3 other boys who were driving around in a car. They were stopped for speeding. The police found marijuana and two guns in the back seat. My client was driving.

When I appeared in Court on the arraignment, I was approached by the prosecutor, who advised me that one of my client’s co-Defendants—one of the boys who was sitting in the back seat where the guns were found—was arrested for MURDER just 10 days after he was arrested with my client.

This other boy is most likely facing Capital Murder charges, which carries the possibility of receiving the Death Penalty!

When I told my client this information, he was floored almost literally. His legs buckled; he almost collapsed. My client had only known this other boy less than a week.

On the night they all were arrested, my client was just giving this boy a ride. Moral of the story: Never associate with someone or let them in your car unless you know who they are.

Had my client unknowingly given this boy a ride to a location where he committed a homicide--then driven him away, helping him escape--my client could have been arrested as an accessory to Capital Murder!

If my client had unknowingly angered that boy in the back seat, he could have been shot and become a crime victim himself.

This case is still pending, but please remember: Be very careful who you associate with.

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