Posted on Dec 17, 2019

Bruce Tharpe Law Office

An Unnecessary Weekend in Jail (Part 2)

Six months later, the police obtained an arrest warrant and my client got a knock on her door. She was arrested and taken to jail. She spent the weekend in jail before I became her attorney.

Moral of the story: Anytime you encounter legal issues of any kind, especially criminal matters, contact the best attorney you can find asap.

Had she called me as soon as she was contacted by the police, this is how I would have handled it:

1) I would have sent the police detective a letter advising them that my client was invoking her right to remain silent and not to contact my client without my prior approval.

2) I would have then called the police detective and asked the following questions:

-- What evidence do you have against my client?

-- Is there an arrest warrant? If so, we would offer to turn our client in so that she wouldn’t have to be formally arrested, and we would arrange for bond in advance.

3) I would then contact the District Attorney’s Office to try to work out a deal that would not result in my client’s arrest. Would they consider dismissing all criminal charges if all damages were paid in full?

I have full confidence that I will eventually be able to get this dismissed with payment of full restitution.

My point is that the arrest, the weekend in jail, the posting of bond, all could have been avoided if my client had called us early on to handle the case for her, instead of trying to take matters into her own hands.
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